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Easyford Meats

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Easyford Meats - Save 10 %
Easyford Meats is a family-owned and operated meat packing and retail business located in Edmonton, Alberta.

At Easyford Meats, we are dedicated in sourcing the highest quality, famous, Alberta Beef, Premium Pork, Free Run Poultry and Eggs from local Alberta farms who raise their animals in an ethical manner, without the use of preventative antibiotics in their feeding regime.

At Easyford Meats we make over 25 products right here in our store using our very own 60 year-old recipes. Some of our in-hours products include smoked ring sausages, pepperoni sticks, the best beef and pork jerky and our famously unique head cheese and rind-on pressed ham.
See our extensive selection of Deli Meats, Condiments, "Heat and Ready" to Eat Meals.

Owners, Shirley and Dan together operated a cattle and mixed farming operation in the Drayton Valley area for over 25 years. As owners of Easyford Meats, they now take pride in using the knowledge from their farming experience to bring you quality fresh meats from local traditional Alberta farms. Along with 3 other members of the family, Easyford Meats works hard to provide your family with the best quality meats delivered to your door.

Premium quality, local meats, large product selection and convenient service, is what Easyford Meats promises to you the customer.

12165 Fort Road
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 479-1714